17 Jan 2014

Welcome to the comfort zone

As the working week is slowly drawing to a close, it’s time for a break with a few pics from the web. The focus is on the comfort and versatility of driving our cars. After all, choosing a car2go can reduce your workload considerably.

The cover picture comes from car2go user Aleks from Berlin.

He’s been using us since the end of 2012 and he sent us a snapshot of his latest trip from the hardware store.

Aleks simply reserved a car2go, put the flowers for his balcony in the trunk and on the passenger seat, and easy as that, he was on his way home.

We found more snapshots on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:


Cologne: Shopping for the next Party should be no problem with car2go.


Austin: Even moving the whole office is a piece of cake.


Vienna: A car2go journey is more comfortable and, above all, quicker than a carriage ride at 2 horsepower.


Montreal: Luckily, we’ve been spared a nasty winter so far.


Austin: In temperatures below freezing, it’s better to protect your tongue and take the car2go through a car wash.


Berlin: The most comfortable way to get from A to B during Berlin Fashion Week is by car2go.


Washington: The past meets the future.

Get active and send us your funniest and most interesting pictures with a car2go. The nippy little white and blue car is a born photo model and is just waiting for its chance to shine in one of your snapshots.