25 Dec 2013

car2go members: Richard

 We want to know what everyday people around the country use our car2gos for. What kind of needs are being provided by car2go? When has car2go come in clutch for you? We found the answer to this question by the loyal member, named Richard. Here is his story: 

There are some things that nobody likes to do. Carrying heavy things is probably one of things on this list. Anything from big shopping trips, to moving homes.

Some people just love carrying boxes full of books up to the sixth floor, or who only feel alive when each hand is busy carrying a massive travel bag.

Richard from Portland, in the US state of Oregon, definitely isn’t one of them.


Under the name DJ 60/40, Richard spins old-school rap records. Anyone who earns a living d.j.-ing is pretty impressive in our book.

But a job like this is also about the setup, and somehow getting to the venue. If you’ve ever carried a box of books, imagine it being made of wood and the edges encased in metal.

Filled with the hottest records, the “fly case” weighs in quite heavy. The challenge: a gig six blocks away, only one buddy to help, and two fly cases weighing 100 pounds.

Richard had to abandon the attempt after only making it a few blocks– completely out of breath and dripping in sweat; it was time to concede. Their backs will thank them for choosing the nearest car2go – which is exactly what Richard did.

Check out the video to hear how car2go saved the DJ’s skin.

When has car2go saved you from awful muscle ache,  hernia, or a deep-red, sweat-soaked face? Send us your story  in the comments. We look forward to hearing heaps of exciting stories!