9 Dec 2013

car2go members: Introducing Andrew

Here at car2go, we would like to give you a glimpse into the lives of some of our local members. Today, we would like to introduce you to Andrew from Seattle – At 390 pounds and towering at 6’5″. Andrew, despite his size, loves car2go and wanted to share his story!

Andrew has been a member of car2go for more than eight months and so far has nothing bad to report besides the occasional astonished face, when he getting out of the car. It’s no surprise that jaws drop when the three hundredweight giant maneuvers his way out of one of the world’s smallest cars.

Andrew is a professional strongman, who thinks extreme. His motto: “Think of something, no doubt we’ve lifted it at some time or another.” Andrew can be seen lifting anything from tree trunks, trucks, stone balls to tractor tires.

And it’s not only lifting, but also pulling: Andrew can check a Boeing 727 off his list. And what about a car2go? Easy.


An empty smart fortwo weighs in around 2000 lbs. Definitely in the realm of the feasible, says Andrew, but he doesn’t want to push one around or lift one up any time soon, he reassures us.

“Push around a car2go? I would never ever do that!”

The longer we think about Andrew and his car2go, the prouder we are. After all, we’ve made a dream team out of a man and a car who don’t really look like they would be a dream team at first glance.

Take a look at the video, see what you think of Andrew, and find out why someone who looks like more of a “four-by-four” than a “smart” kind of guy drives car2go.

Do you have any stories from car2go members? Send them to blog@car2go.com or write them in the comments.

We look forward to hearing heaps of exciting stories!