9 Nov 2013

car2go saves the day for Emillie

How do people use car2go in Canada? To find out, we reached out to our Canadian team members. It was from this part of the world that we hoped to hear stories that would make our knees tremble and our mouths hang open. Are car2gos used there to watch bears, collect wood, or cross national parks? That’s what we wanted to know. We started with Emillie from cold Calgary, Alberta.

Calgary is notorious for its snow storms and its ice lined streets. When everyone’s favorite band comes to town, the weather doesn’t make an exception.

Calgary is notorious for its snow storms and ice lined streets.

For our Canadian friends, temperatures below minus ten and a strong headwind are no obstacles when it comes to attending the concert of the year. They’d rather brave the icy cold outside than stay in the warm and miss out.

Any ladies who are planning on going to such a special event like this, needs the perfect outfit. And for us women, it’s often said: beauty knows no pain. Time to bust out the High heels?

A must for anyone serious about music. We just take it in our stride that, on the ice, this fashion item could be our downfall.

This was the problem facing Emillie from the Canadian city of Calgary. The concert was over, her feet were hurting, and Emillie was cursing her choice of shoes.

To top it off, there was another surprise waiting for her outside the club: the freshly iced-over, smooth-as-glass main street.

Emillie fell over several times, and it wouldn’t have taken much more for her to break something. At that moment, she opted to get a car2go.

Emillie arrived home without any wounds, tumbles, or hostile attacks by grizzly bears in the comfort of her heated car2go.

Take a look for yourselves: in the video, the 24-year-old Canadian tells us about her journey home.

Have you ever felt like Emillie did? When has car2go saved you from a situation? Send your story in the comments.

We look forward to hearing heaps of exciting car2go stories!