25 May 2012

Introducing EcoScore!

A lot of you have probably noticed our new feature in our cars called EcoScore. We would like to give you some info on what EcoScore is and how it works so that you can keep track of your score during your next trip with us. It goes without saying that car sharing is awesome and helps to reduce number of cars in cities due to multiple people making use of the same car. Our dream, which is quickly becoming reality, would be for more people to leave their own vehicles at home and use ours instead. In addition to sharing cars, we can make a difference by making an effort to drive more conscientiously, this is where EcoScore comes in.

We have now introduced the EcoScore App to help us achieve this goal. In the top right-hand corner of the screen in the car2go, next to the SOS button, there is now a green leaf with a number that changes while driving. The leaf symbolizes the new feature that we call EcoScore. Ideally, this number should be at 100.

Here is a photo of my last trip. As you can see, I’m doing great in my acceleration and deceleration scores, but it looks like my cruising could use a little work. Your EcoScore can be seen on both the navigation view and the radio view while driving.

In order to see a detailed view of the EcoScore, you can either touch the leaf or use the app button located next to the screen on the left-hand side.

To return to the original view, press the corresponding buttons (i.e. navigation, radio) located next to the screen. You will then see something that looks like this:



Why use EcoScore?

We have recently developed and interrogated the EcoScore in order to help car2go members to see how environmentally friendly their driving is. It is comprised of three categories: acceleration, cruising and deceleration. We have illustrated the driving quality in each category with a tree. When your driving is particularly good, your trees are healthy and thriving with the possibility of cute furry friends, but if your driving is not the best, you will begin to see the trees wither away.

  • Tree 1 – Acceleration. If you’ve been receiving positive feedback then nice work! Positive feedback is rewarded for when you are accelerating slowly and smoothly. You can rely on your sense of hearing for this category – the less noise the engine makes when it is when taking off, the better your doing at keeping your acceleration score up.
  • Tree 2 – Cruising. This value shows how calm and consistent your overall driving is. Frequent alternation between the accelerator and brake pedal has a negative impact on this score, as well as abrupt maneuvers.
  • Tree 3 – Deceleration. This score shows how conscientious someone is driving. If the traffic lights is half a mile away and is already red, it is best to take your foot off the accelerator and coast to the light. The more you allow my car to coast instead of using unnecessary energy by braking, the better this value will be. Granted, safety always comes before your deceleration score.

Each of these values accounts for one-third of your EcoScore. In the detailed view, to get a more detailed explanation of each category, use the “?” symbol.

Regardless of your EcoScore, if your driving style is extremely poor, warning messages might be displayed. These warnings will ask you to drive in a more calm and relaxed manner. The green leaf is then replaced by a warning symbol in such instances.

Hypothetically speaking, if we were to assume that the EcoScore of all car2go members in Berlin was 100, then the fleet’s CO2 emissions would greatly be reduced, less gas would be used, and perhaps accidents will be prevented thanks to more economical driving.

We are happy to report that our first tests within our team have shown very positive feedback from monitoring EcoScore while driving. With that being said, please do not let it distract you from driving. In fact, some of our team members have even changed how they drive their own cars on account of the driving style analysis. We are very pleased that we can now offer it to the 100,000 car2go drivers worldwide.

Have you already had the chance to test your EcoScore? Share your result? We are looking forward to your comments here.