25 May 2009

How does parking a car2go work?

We’ve noticed that many of the questions we receive here at car2go are about parking, so we’d like to clear the air and give you a few answers to some questions you may have been wondering.

Where do I park the car2go after I’ve finished my trip?

You can leave the car2go in any public parking areas within our business region as long as parking is not prohibited there.

The parking options in parking garages or in spaces vary from location to location. You can find more information on our website.

Who pays parking fines?

The member who parked the car2go where parking isn’t allowed is responsible for paying any fines that may have occurred. This also applies to areas with limited parking restrictions.

If the vehicle was parked legally because parking was allowed at the time, but it gets a ticket the next day, the last member to use the car2go is responsible for paying that fine.

What are the specially marked car2go parking spaces all about?

In many areas where there are few free parking spaces (i.e. downtown), there are parking spaces specially reserved by car2go, where the car2go can be parked free of charge.

Can I park the car2go on the street in front of my house and end the rental, or do I have to take it to one of the special car2go parking spaces?

The car2go may be parked outside your door, legally in a public space if free parking is allowed (assuming you live within our business region). However, you may not park in private garages and/or in front of a driveway.

What do I do if all the marked car2go parking spaces in a parking garage or parking lot are taken? Can I use another parking space and end the rental?

Unfortunately, parking and ending the rental in a parking garage, in spaces that aren’t marked as car2go spaces, is not allowed.

A car2go also shouldn’t be parked next to marked parking spaces in outdoor parking lots.

If all marked car2go parking spaces are taken, you must leave the parking garage / parking lot and find another place to park.

How do I use the parking card kept in the glove compartment?

The parking card kept in the holder of the glove compartment is for driving in and out of parking garages.

It must be returned to its holder in the glove compartment after use, or you’ll be unable to end the rental. Parking cards are allocated to particular vehicles.

Can I park in another a parking lot when I make a stop, when I don’t want to end the rental yet?

Of course! But here you have to collect (and pay for) a ticket yourself, if parking isn’t free (otherwise: see question 2).

The rental does not end and will keep running when you make a stop and use the buttons on the ignition key to lock the car2go.

Have more questions? Leave us a comment and enjoy your ride with car2go!