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How ideas become product features at car2go

When car2go first launched in Ulm in 2008, it was the perfect example of how a big, bold idea can be brought to life. The concept of free-floating, on-demand carsharing began as just a dream, but by building on a series of small, actionable ideas, that dream made it to reality.

Since those early days, we have added to that first big idea to further improve and evolve the car2go concept. By using a few simple techniques, we are able to take big ideas from brainstorming sessions to the streets.

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car2go austin in front of frost building downtown

Living without a car in a car-heavy city

Without a car, getting to work, the concert or a friend’s house becomes a game of strategy where there are a whole bunch of options that work in different contexts. As more mobility options have appeared and more and more people are giving up their cars, getting around has become much easier than it used to be.

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Experiences of a car2go intern

Internships are great – you get to know an industry from the inside, you’re part of projects and learn to make your first steps in the working world. So, what does it mean to be an intern at car2go? The HR department in Stuttgart has conducted an interview with a car2go intern to find out what her time was like.

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Weddingcar header

car2go as a wedding car

Many people celebrate their very special day once in a lifetime- the wedding – and one question is always asked: What car is suitable as a wedding car? This is exactly the question an engaged couple of the US asked themselves and had the very special idea of taking a car2go as a wedding vehicle.

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car2go integrated new vehicle models

Since the first car2go cruised through German and international streets as a carsharing vehicle, the smart two-seater is fully integrated within the brand. Now, the automobile manufacturer from Stuttgart introduces the new smart model in the cities: It is more nimble, more spacious and brings , besides a new look, additional features.

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10 surprising facts about car2go

For more than seven years car2go drives through the cities and brings many users from A to B every day. At this several numbers have been grown, for instance the number of users, the surface of operating area or the length of the traveled distance with car2gos. Some of these data tell their own and partly surprising story.

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