New car2go feature: EcoScore

Manuel Montag works in the field of telematics as part of the car2go product development team.

Hello everyone,

Many of you have probably already noticed that we are in the process of introducing a new feature in our cars. I would now like to give you some background information.

It goes without saying that car sharing helps to reduce the volume of private transport in city centres thanks to the fact that multiple people make use of the same car, ideally leaving their own vehicles at home in their garages. Another positive effect is when all car sharing users drive so conscientiously that the CO2 emissions in city traffic are reduced. We have now introduced the EcoScore App to achieve this effect. In the top right-hand corner of the screen in the car2go, right next to the SOS button for emergencies, there is now a green leaf with a number that changes while driving. Ideally, this number should be at 100. Here is a photo of my perfect journey.


The leaf symbolises the new feature that we call EcoScore. It can be seen on the both the navigation view and the radio view while driving. In order to obtain a detailed view of the EcoScore, you can either touch the leaf or use the app button located next to the screen on the left-hand side to access the detailed view. To return to the original view, press the corresponding buttons (navigation, radio) located next to the screen. You will then see the following:


We developed the EcoScore in order to help car2go members to better understand how predictively and environmentally friendly their driving is. It is comprised of three categories: acceleration, cruising and deceleration. We have illustrated the driving quality in each category with a tree. When your driving is particularly good, these trees may even host a number of animals.

Tree 1 – Acceleration. The driver is given positive evaluations for acceleration when they accelerate slowly and smoothly. The driver can rely on their sense of hearing for this category – the quieter the engine is when driving off, the better this value will be.

Tree 2 – Cruising. This value shows how calm and consistent your overall driving is. Frequent alternation between the accelerator and brake pedal has a negative impact on this score, as do abrupt manoeuvres.

Tree 3 – Deceleration. This score displays how conscientious someone is driving. If the traffic lights 50 metres ahead are already red, it is best to take your foot off the accelerator and coast to the lights. The more I allow my car to coast instead of dissipating energy by using the brakes, the better this value will be. Even so, it is important to always brake in an emergency.

Each of these values accounts for one-third of the EcoScore. In the detailed view, it is possible to obtain an explanation of each category using the “?” symbol.

Regardless of the current EcoScore, if the customer’s driving style is extremely poor, warning messages may also be displayed. These warnings ask the customer to drive in a more calm and relaxed manner. The green leaf is then replaced by a warning symbol in such instances.


If we assume that the EcoScore of all car2go members in Berlin, for example, approaches 100, then the fleet’s CO2 emissions will be reduced, less petrol will be used, and perhaps accidents will be prevented thanks to more thoughtful driving.

The first tests within the team have shown that the EcoScore is monitored very enthusiastically while driving (please do not let it distract you from driving). In fact, some of our colleagues have even changed how they drive their own cars on account of the driving style analysis. This type of measurement exists in very few car models at present, and we are very pleased that we can now offer it to the 100,000 car2go drivers worldwide. If you have any questions regarding EcoScore, please feel free to post them here or to email them to the car2go team in your city.

Please find the German version of this blog post below.


  1. 09.05
    Hans Jürgens

    Aufschlussreich! Ist die 100 wirklich zu knacken?


    • 09.05

      Hi, ja klar. Es gibt auf facebook viele schöne Beweisfotos. Jeder der es erreicht kann auf jeden Fall stolz sein!

  2. 10.18


    was echt hilfreich wäre, wenn irgendwo im Auto die “verfahrene Zeit” angezeigt werden würde. Ich weiss, man kann die auch im Kopf ausrechnen, aber 1-3 Minuten vergehen doch bevor man losfährt, usw….

    Wäre sicherlich einfach realisierbar.


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